Senna Helmet owned by Sylvestor Stallone sells for £30,604

This Senna helmet was the bargain of the century, i doubt if it was actually worn by senna as all his helmets for this year were numbered and this one did not have a number. I doubt whether Senna even touched it and probably got Bell to send it to Stallone. It is however a gift from Senna to Stallone and if the auction had been better advertised, it would have sold for a lot more.

Auction Description.

An Ayrton Senna-Owned Racing Helmet Gifted to Stallone, Circa 1994. In shades of yellow and green; with numerous sponsorship logos over entire surface; this was the helmet design that Ayrton Senna wore in 1994 when he switched to the Williams F1 team from McLaren; this helmet in particular was one of the actual ones Senna wore during testing of the car in 1994; after two races in that same year, Senna was killed in San Marino, Italy when his car hit the wall on the first turn during the race; Senna was one of the most successful racing drivers in Formula 1 and only a few of the helmets he wore during this year were made It is believed that his family destroyed the one he was wearing during his death; gifted by Senna to Stallone.

“Senna was one of the greatest drivers of all time and wanted me to do his life story. We spoke a lot. He said, “Let me show you the colors. They’re very much like Rocky colors, yellow & black.” So he sent it to me and of course I’d never seen a helmet like this. And then unfortunately he died in this horrible crash. But this is what he sent me and it’s been sitting at my house for about 15 years and it’s wonderful. Senna is considered one of the top five drivers of all time and this is his helmet.”


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