Senna's name on the Williams FW15-D

Williams Grand Prix Headquarters Museum Visit

On the 8th May 2015 i visited the Williams Grand Prix Museum at Williams Headquarters to view more of the cars driven by Ayrton Senna. Unfortunately due to his tragic death only three races into the season, he used only four Williams cars. His career in F1  actually started in a Williams car which I have shown on my post on the Donington Park Museum and Williams do not actually own that Williams car. The car he tragically died in and has been destroyed leaving a car from 1993 that was adapted for him for testing and his spare car from the 1994 season.
The trip costs about £60 per person for a tour of their museum that lasts about three hours and includes a really nice finger buffet and drinks. I have to say having now visited McLaren Ferrari and Williams, Ferrari is by far the cheapest at about £20 and they have always been busy whenever i have gone there. It also has more trophies and exhibits from the road cars they produce.  The McLaren one, you have to be a member of the fan club and you have to enter a draw get your name on the list and then have to pay £60 to basically see the Building and a few cars. The Williams trip is both easier to get onto and better value for money than McLaren as you get to see more. With Williams you just go on their website, find a day when they have vacancies and book. The Williams staff are really helpful, pleasant and the the museum shows a car from every year Williams has been racing in F1.  McLaren could learn from both Williams and Ferrari in how they treat their fans.
I have enclosed as many pictures below of the exhibits starting with the Senna cars and then the rest of the collection where the pictures have come out in good enough quality.

The Williams collection is the largest private collection in the world of F1 cars of which being a Senna fan was only interested in the ones he drove. Senna unfortunately never visited these headquarters as Williams only moved there after he tragically died.


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