Ayrton Senna’s Honda NSX Cars.

Two of Senna’s cars are now in East Sussex.

In October 2013 i flew into Faro Airport in Portugal for the day to meet two people in the Algarve who claim to own Honda NSX’s used by the Triple World Champion, Ayrton Senna. A Red Honda NSX lent to Ayrton Senna red nsx owned by Honda and a Black one owned by Ayrton’s best friend and mentor Antonio Braga. One is currently for sale, the black one at £75,000 as the red one has now been purchased by myself.

Ayrton i learnt, had the use of three Honda NSX Cars and during my day i found out the following:

A black one he personally owned. registration BSS 8888 after his Family nickname “Beco”, Senna da Silva and 88 for the year he won his first World championship. (You have to come to the conclusion that he preferred black as this was the only one he actually owned and also the one his best friend bought for him to use at Sintra was also black).

Ayrton Senna's Personal Black Honda NSX in Brazil. Registration BSS 8888

Ayrton Senna’s Personal Black Honda NSX in Brazil. Registration BSS 8888

Ayrton Senna's Red Honda NSX registration Number SX-25-59

Ayrton Senna’s Red Honda NSX registration Number SX-25-59

Honda NSX purchased for Senna by his best friend Antonia Braga for use during Senna's visits to his palace in Sintra.na Black Honda NSX

Registration 41 02 A0 purchased for Senna by his best friend Antonia Braga for use during Senna’s visits to his palace in Sintra.

Out of the three NSX cars the first one in Brazil is probably the most valuable, It was his personal choice of colour, had his personal numberplate (BSS 888) and was ordered to his personal specification.

The second most important one is the Red One that was lent to him by Honda Portugal. The  fax below confirms the following:

Further to your fax inquiring about the NSX Frame Number JHMNA11500T000233 we inform that this car was the first NSX imported by HAP registered in 22/03/91 and used by Ayrton Senna during his stays in Portugal.
During the period Mr Ayrton Senna was involved with Honda there was an agreement between him and Honda Motor Co to have one NSX in Portugal for his personal use.
Currently this car is owned by one of our dealers, Nipomotors
Please note the correct frame for this vehicle is not JHMNQ1 …. But JHMNA1

Honda letter confirming the facts about the Red Senna NSX in Portugal.

The Red NSX is also featured in the Ayrton film “Racing is in my blood” showing Ayrton lighting up the back wheels with a wheel spin. The other great pictures that really adds provenance to this car is the two car pictures show below:Ayrton Senna Washing the red Portugal Honda NSX


This now just leaves the third car and this one i found very interesting. Because of the lack of a photograph of Ayrton Senna with this car, it just takes the edge away from it. I have checked all my Ayrton books and i cannot find one picture, so when i visited the owner of this car i was sceptical that this was what it was described as. It was listed in Ebay and the page views were astronomical and bids were good. The owner ended the bidding before the end of the auction as she was worried it was not going to go high enough. I was watching this and was disappointed it did not go the full term as i felt it would have got to £100,000 in the final day. I contacted the owner and i have to admit when i was Faro in September 2012, did not even take the time to drive the ten miles from where i was staying to visit this car as i had so little belief in the story. With hindsight i am kicking myself.

When i finally visited this car i found the owners to be really nice people, They showed me the car and the perfect condition it is kept in. They also showed me the provenance. The Car is mentioned in Adriane Galisteau’s book, “My life with Ayrton”. i have shown a picture of the piece below.

The car also has the registration document made out to ANTONIO CARLOS DE AMEIDA BRAGA shown below.

Senna Black Honda NSX Original Registration Document.

Senna Black Honda NSX Original Registration Document.

If you google this car you can see that its mentioned on countless blogs and people were saying all sorts of things about its link with Senna. the owners even told me that some people were downright abusive which really is not right. Its easy to be sceptical when you sitting at home pretending to be an expert on Honda NSX’s or a Senna Expert. I actually took the time to visit it and would have been convinced. The difference here is that before i visited this car i actually had lunch with the owners of MS Cars, the main Honda Dealer in the Algarve who also own the Red Honda NSX lent to Ayrton thats listed above. I have shown the picture below of the meeting as proof:
photo (1)

After my visit i have come to the conclusion that all three cars are as they claim, are connected to the great Ayrton Senna. Its very rare they come onto the market and two out of  three have changed hands since Ayrton’s death. The one in Brazil is clearly the most valuable, The red one the most photographed, so also very valuable. The third and most controversial one i believe is also priceless. If i had the money would i buy all three? very definitely yes. If you want a car that Senna has driven then the only one available is the “Braga” one. The owner has taken my advice and gone to silverstone auctions in Feb 2014.

Thank you to all the people that made my Algarve visit possible. I was there for 11 hours on the ground and ran out of time. In between the meetings, interviews and photos i only managed to stop and rest at Vilamoura Harbour for 25 minutes. On the way back to the airport i saw the Honda Dealership was still open and popped in for a final night time photo.

A most amazing day !!!!


5 thoughts on “Ayrton Senna’s Honda NSX Cars.

  1. This is an awesome vehicle all by itself, but the piece of history attached (being driven by one of the greatest for me together with Nuvolari, Fangio and Moss and Hill Sr.) makes it priceless. Please keep us regularly informed of its whereabouts: A car fan from Santander, of all places…

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