Senna Crash Site Imola.

Visit the Ayrton Senna Imola Crash Site

While on my travels to visit Ayrton Senna’s last hotel room, I also visited the tragic crash site where Ayrton was killed. After 18 years you would think there are few visitors but among the letters, flags and pictures left on the fence, many were dated the last couple of weeks. My son scaled the fence to visit the actual crash site and took the pictures I have taken. We left a flag on the fence while we were there as you can get on the circuit to the Tamburello curve. There is an opening  through the fence just before the accident scene on the outside of the circuit (not the side of the memorial). Please do not cut through the fence or climb over it at any other point. I have walked on the circuit and have never been caught or told off.

Google street view have now mapped the whole circuit from the race track.

Enquanto em minhas viagens para visitar o último quarto de hotel na Ayrton Senna, também visitei o local do trágico acidente onde Ayrton foi morto. Depois de 18 anos, você acha que há poucos visitantes, mas entre as letras, bandeiras e fotos deixada em cima da muro, muitos foram datada do último par de semanas. Meu filho escalou a cerca para visitar o local do acidente real e tirei as fotos que eu fechados.


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